Back in the swing of things this week, I have a very interesting article for you: 5 Things I Learnt as a Designer at LEGO.  In this article, Jonathan Bree shares some great insights for designers, culled from his experience at the iconic toy maker.  I thought #3 was particularly appropriate for Design Technology.

I have another number-of-things article for you, too.  This one may be of interest to every student, actually:  Three things top performing students know that their peers miss.  Some absolutely fantastic advice here that you won’t want to…er…miss.

As I mentioned last week, I encourage you to take a few minutes to think about the major problems in our world today and which one you might be interested in focusing on.  Start small, look local, and make a positive change in the world.  This is Design Technology.


-Ms Nolat

Notes from Number One

Cool Products

Warka Water Towers
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Study guide (IB DT)

These guides simply list the concepts, vocabulary, and questions you should know in order to consider that topic or sub-topic mastered:

This guide is a summary of the key concepts for each topic and sub-topic.  It’s not enough to answer everything listed in the guides above, but it’s a great review tool and starting point:

  • DP DT Review Guide, courtesy of John Zobrist, DT Teacher at UWC SEA in Singapore (15 mb)
DT18: pick up cubes!!

If you want your ‘glass’ study cube, be sure to take it home this week.  They’re on the front counter, next to the door.

All study cubes left in the Labs by the end of the week will be considered donated and either recycled or saved for use with future classes as examples.

Job Assignments, alerts and challenges


Beginning DT


Class of 2018


Class of 2017
  • Current Jobs
  • Award voting
  • → Review bamboo keyboard question
  • → Reading: Topic 6.2 Classic Design, form & function
  • → Criterion C: due end of this week!
  • From last week
  • • Award nomination review
  • • Reading: Topic 6.1 Classic Design
  • All done?
  • • Work on your IA
  •  Modeling with Dodavi

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