Netflix is producing a new series focused on design, Abstract: The art of Design, which has the folks over at Core77 pretty excited.  Particularly interesting to them is last week’s episode, which focused on automotive designer Ralph Gilles.  They document both his rise to fame within General Motors as well as the very human side of being a designer and how design teams work.  A great view, if you have a Netflix subscription (and I hear they’re giving away a 30-day free trial right now, so you could sign up at no cost, even if you only want it for this show!).

In other car-related news, Core77 also reported on the really nifty shelf Ford has added in their new ecoSport model, using a core of honeycomb paper!  It’s the same technique IKEA used in their Lack tables.  Invention spreading.  What other uses could you think of for such a lightweight and strong internal support structure?

On Coroflot this week, I ran across the portfolio of a young (25 year old) master’s student who has some work that is a great exemplar of development of a final presentation.  Komal Rathi shows off his 4060R design for a table lamp, which includes ideation sketches, a mini-brief, development of details, and full renderings both solo and in-situ.  Well worth a view to see how pros are expected to present their products.

Along similar lines, Miss Morgan Matt submitted a great photo of her model development and samples of the many sculptural models she made as part of an ergonomics project, on Instagram.  Take a look at how the work she did on incrementally improving each model resulted in a really refined looking product.


-Ms Nolat

Flash challenge: travel hanger revision
Y2, IA HL: Brand packaging tool

As you develop your Brand identity, it may be useful to create a package to demonstrate it.  There’s a nifty tool online that can help with that:

Build your box, add text & pictures wherever you wish, customize the colors to match your product, then right-click the picture of your box in the view you prefer and “Save Image As” to get a customized package image for your Criterion F!

Y2 (2017): Quotes for Criterion E

Proto labs has an ongoing offer to provide free quotes and advice on moving designs to a small-commercial or large-commercial production, for CNC-milling or Injection molding.  This may be really useful for your criterion E if you have parts to make this way.

House in the forest competition

Have you ever dreamed of living in a house surrounded by the forest? Take those dreams to the next level in the House in the Forest 2017 design competition. Open to students and professionals, individual entries and group entries, the design competition seeks ideas in architectural design, landscape design, and site planning that promote environmental conservation. Candidates can choose any fictional location of their liking that is in a forest or surrounded by a forest. Cash prizes totaling $800 will be distributed among the top three winners. Last minute registration ends March 30, 2017 and the deadline for submissions is March 31, 2017.

Read more at Inhabitat: House in the Forest design competition launches call for entries | Design Competitions

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