Are sneakers/trainers sustainable?  See this video & article by Core77 and decide for yourself.  Based on this, I’m not sure they are at the price we currently pay for them.

In other energy related news, Denmark got its entire energy needs from Wind Power one day in February!  Another win for renewables.

If you’re starting on your IAs, here’s a very pertinent quote from Irene Au, former head of design at Google, Yahoo, and Udacity, from an interview she gave Nir&Far:  “One misconception about user research is that it’s about asking customers what they want, but that’s not what user research is. It’s about actually observing people.”  Is that what you’ve been doing in your user research?

General Fab has posted an intriguing article about the first usable 3D printed skin.  Actual skin, with a full 3-layer structure, usable for burn victims and others needing a transplant of this simplest (but largest) human organ.  We’re still a long way from fabricating artificial human parts, but it’s a clear step in that direction.

-Ms Nolat

Y2, IA HL: Brand packaging tool

As you develop your Brand identity, it may be useful to create a package to demonstrate it.  There’s a nifty tool online that can help with that:

Build your box, add text & pictures wherever you wish, customize the colors to match your product, then right-click the picture of your box in the view you prefer and “Save Image As” to get a customized package image for your Criterion F!

Y2 (2017): Quotes for Criterion E

Proto labs has an ongoing offer to provide free quotes and advice on moving designs to a small-commercial or large-commercial production, for CNC-milling or Injection molding.  This may be really useful for your criterion E if you have parts to make this way.

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