Inhabitat reports on a new contest specifically for design students: “Fresh Wood 2017 is offering high school and post secondary students a chance to earn some serious green in exchange for their skills in woodworking. Open to students enrolled in North American woodworking, design, or related programs, the industry-sponsored competition has six categories: chairs, case goods, tables, “open”, and Special Theme: Lighting and Design for Production. Cash prizes are awarded within each category and at each school level, as well as a People’s Choice award and a Best of Show award. The submission deadline is May 1, 2017.”

More 3D printing news this week: reported earlier this month on an MIT team that is working on a method to make 3d printing using cellulose viable.  Previously thought impossible because of the disintegration when heated, cellulose is a super-abundant, renewable, and biodegradable resource.  The MIT process occurs at room temperature, which could be a huge change for 3d printing materials.

There’s also been a breakthrough in energy storage systems (batteries).

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Quotes for CNC & Injection Molding

Proto Labs has an interactive quote machine that will help you determine actual industry costs for your part(s); very useful for criterion D (cost analysis) and E (commercial manufacture).  To start a quote, you need to know how many parts you’ll need and you’ll need to have a 3D model file (usually solidworks part, or DWG; STL will work for CNC or 3d printing).

Proto Labs Interactive Quote System

Logo generator

Logojoy – automated AI logo design

Y2, IA HL: Brand packaging tool

As you develop your Brand identity, it may be useful to create a package to demonstrate it.  There’s a nifty tool online that can help with that:

Build your box, add text & pictures wherever you wish, customize the colors to match your product, then right-click the picture of your box in the view you prefer and “Save Image As” to get a customized package image for your Criterion F!

Y2 (2017): Quotes for Criterion E

Proto labs has an ongoing offer to provide free quotes and advice on moving designs to a small-commercial or large-commercial production, for CNC-milling or Injection molding.  This may be really useful for your criterion E if you have parts to make this way.

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