I hope you’re loving the warmer (but not yet hot) weather as much as I am.  Although I do wish it would move into northern Europe a bit quicker.

Dezeen just started a year-long exploration of how we’ll live and work in the future.  It’s a really thought provoking exploration.  Take a look and see if you start thinking of products we’ll need as our lives start changing.

Luca Alvergue, working with Trotech Laser in Cadana, has created some beautiful laser-cut acrylic and wood lights.  They’re reminiscent of chandeliers, but much easier to make.  Luca and Trotech even shared the STL files with the community on Instructables, so we can all make these gorgeous lights.  Even more interesting, I think, is bpark1000’s comment on that post; s/he talks about the industrial design aspects of the project, the material properties of acrylic that are affected, and how to work with/around them.  Great stuff for budding designers!


-Ms Nolat

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