Welcome back!  I hope your break was as restful as mine.  Warmer weather is gone and hot has arrived!  In hot news, Apple is working toward an amazing 100% use of re-used materials in all it’s products.  They’re not there yet, but it’s a pretty exciting goal for the world’s largest Tech company to announce.

In less exciting but more urgent news, scientists just reported that by the current best estimate, we have just one decade in which to make the changes necessary to limit climate changes to a level that wouldn’t be disastrous.

-Ms Nolat

Morning announcements
DT18: IA Deadline extended

The deadline for turning in your revised Criterion A has been extended to the end-of-school on Sunday, April 30th.

Gov't Inspection coming up

Sunday April 30th will mark the opening of the Government Inspection for production, the 2nd half of Topic 2.  As usual, you will have the week to take the inspection as many times as you like (with a 2-hour delay between attempts).  It will close on Saturday night, the 6th of May.

Job Assignments, alerts and challenges

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