Back for the final push.  Keep cool and focused for the next few weeks – summer is waiting.

Remember the really great work IKEA did in designing and providing thousands of refugee shelters that improved on the traditional tent?  They’ve run into a spot of trouble, having to do with the somewhat higher flammability than they’d prefer.  Most of the shelters are in temporary storage while they sort it out.  IKEA, and the NGO they’re working with for distribution, are being praised for the way they’ve handled this setback.

A reminder for those of you interested in architecture, the Future House Micro House design competition is a great chance to really practice your architecture design skills with a fairly limited scope.  The deadline for submissions is August 15th.  Here’s one example of a Micro House, though I think I’d like a bathroom and a kitchen in any house I live in, even a tiny one.  Wouldn’t you?

(Mr. Morris will be taking over the HS branch of Nolat Labs for me next year, while Mr. Miller moves to the MS branch.  I will suggest that Mr. Morris offer extra credit to anyone who shows proof of entry and turns in a completed design in August when school starts.  I can’t guarantee he’ll go for the idea, but I will suggest it to him.)

-Ms Nolat

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