Week of August 21st

Ms. Nolat

While I was visiting some friends in the textile business, I ran across the fabulous work Carmen Hijosa is doing in developing a replacement for leather using pineapple leaves!  This is cutting-edge sustainable development for the modern world.  Not only a non-petroleum, non-animal replacement, but made from waste product of another industry so there is virtually no additional impact from making nor using it.  Check it out.

There were also a couple of contest announcements this week that you might be interested in, particularly you veterans in the class of 2017.

-Ms Nolat

InHabitat Biodesign Sprint Competition

This is a very-short-term contest purely focused on ideation: “We’re looking for your best and brightest visions for the future of building: bio-inspired building materials, systems and processes to build healthier, greener and more adaptive buildings.”  To enter, you submit an illustration, rendering, or mock-up along with a description.  That’s it.  Winners get exposure to the X-Prize Foundation, among other things, so if you have an idea that fits, enter it, quickly!

Fairshare Urban SOS

This is a worldwide contest specifically for university students, focusing on using crowd-sharing technologies to better utilize resources in urban areas.  Although you cannot enter as a HS student, you might be interested in reading through it to understand some of the issues currently being discussed as well as how some organizations are approaching the challenge of improving our world (one aspect at a time).


This was shared on a DT Teachers’ message forum this week.

University of McGill, which is the #1 Canadian university and ranked in the top 25 globally has just accepted HL DT for CORE (not elective) credits. This includes the faculties of: the Arts, Education, Management and Science. Also, a student of ours applied for  BA & Sc degree and will get credit (science) as well. Our counsellor (has been instrumental) and I are currently trying to get the faculty of engineering on board. There are ‘Arts’ universities that accept HL DT and I have just recently heard of UMASS Amherst (also a good Uni) giving core credits!  This can only be amazing for IB DT is we can get it to recognized by more universities globally.

Job Assignments, alerts, and challenges

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Week of Aug 14th

Welcome to Nolat Labs, Visitor.

Rather than lecture, I prefer to deliver daily instructions via notes and videos, here in The Daily.  Start each day by reading this and you’ll always know what we’re doing (if you pay attention, of course).  If you’re absent, you can always check here to see what you missed.  I’ll update this throughout the week.

A reminder: streaming music and videos not directly related to class is no longer allowed, to preserve our bandwidth.  If I must remind you of this personally, you’ll also earn a private conversation with Mr. Duggan.  Let’s not go there, ok?  I also ask that you not use your phone in class.  (If you need to make a call, ask me; if it really is important, I’ll say yes.)


Wednesday – Design Tech Co2018 and Co2017

  • Your task today starts in the Lobby of Nolat Labs.  Read the slides carefully, Visitor.  Take your time and think about what is presented there.  It may take you 5-10 minutes; it took me about 40 hours to put together.  Consider it seriously and answer the questions posed there.
  • After the Lobby, see Cai in the HR department (floor 1 in the Building Directory).  Start with the job called “Log into the Labs” and then finish each job in the list, in order.  Take enough time to do a thorough job, but get through this efficiently.
  • If you finish all the jobs with Cai in HR, move up to floor 2 and work on Safety with Tim (see the Building Directory to get there).
  • Wherever you finish up, you’ll start there next class (after you read the board and The Daily, of course!).


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Full block bonus | Full block bogus

Damage | Repair Damage

Tardy | Tardy Fail

Absence | Absence Fail

Homework Pass Restroom Pass




Our school, our class, and our website are always iterating.  Always changing and building toward something more.  Like you.  Who is building youVisitor?  Are you part of the team building you…or just watching?

Who will you be?

If you didn’t take the time to really consider and answer the questions posed in this lobby, here is your chance to revisit them.


It happens every year.  Some students choose to become flatliners.  They settle for almost-good-enough, give no second effort, distrust their creativity, can’t risk failure, don’t take a chance.  Are you kidding me?!

Will this be your choice, Visitor?

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