It happens every year.  Some students choose to become heroes.  They follow the Honor Code, give it their all, and create work of greatness that ends up in the hall of fame.

Will this be your choice, Visitor?

Your goals

So, Visitor, that’s what we do and how we do it here in the Labs.  Remember, our ultimate goals are a) improving the way we learn and b) saving humanity.  It’s big stuff, so we take it one step at a time.

What is your goal for this course?  What should your first step be?

Honor code benefits

Choose the Honor Code and there are rewards.  Get your “Early bird” bonus, or your “Bell to bell” bonus.  Beware fraudulent claims!  There are also “Early bird bogus” and “Bell to bell bogus” items.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for other goodies.

Be honest. Claim your loot. Level up.

Hang on a minute

You may be starting to feel overwhelmed with all this.  Hang in there, you’re almost through.  There is a lot packed into the lobby.  Don’t worry if you want to come back through to absorb it all.

Feel free to review the lobby any time.  It’s always here.


Like the school, this site is iterating.  Constantly under construction for improvement.  Keep your eyes open; you never know where you might find interesting tidbits.  Those who pay attention are rewarded.  Contribute your ideas to make this better.

Hint: this applies to our school, our city, and our world as much as to our website.

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