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So happy to see all your credits!  And you, of course.  All sales are final. No refunds, exchanges, or complaints.

Be sure you want to buy before clicking, Visitor!

You might want to save your loot to purchase key items later, but why do that when we have so many tempting items loading up our virtual shelves right now?!  Why not reward yourself for all your hard work?  Mmmhahahah.  Ahem, excuse me.  Please remember, all sales are final and the Company reserves the right to revoke purchases when players try to game the system.

Repair Shop

Nearly everyone receives Damage at some point.

Damage in multiples of 2 will reduce your loot by 10% (rounded down).  Eg: 4 Damage will nerf your loot by 20%.

Important: you are expected to repair all damage before the end of each grading period.  At that point Damage may (and probably will) affect your grade.


You’ll earn credits through your jobs and The Daily.  Work hard and follow the Honor Code and you’ll earn plenty of credits.  If not, well…

Choose wisely.

Time Vault

You may earn extra minutes by working in the Labs before school, after school, during lunch, during flex, or during a Weekend Workshop.

You are self-assessing.  Ms. Nolat and Number One expect you to uphold the Honor Code (do the work you claim to have done).

Penalty for false claims is usually loss of the loot plus double-damage (ie: not worth it).


You can find plenty of ways to spend your loot, here, Visitor.  Enjoy browsing!

Number One and I are always willing to listen to new ideas for goodies to add.  Let us know if you have any ideas.

Claim these only with Number One’s instruction:

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