Mr. Blyth’s Notebooks

These materials essentially comprise a textbook on IB Design Technology.  They were developed by Stanford Blyth of NIST with a small amount of help from Matthew Miller.  These complement the materials at Diploma Design Technology – between these two, you should be well prepared for the theoretical material examination.  This can also serve as a complete outline of the theoretical material for the course.

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Topic 1: Human Factors and Ergonomics
Topic 2: Resource management and sustainable production
Topic 5: Innovation and design

Topic 5 booklet (covers all topics listed below)

5.1 Invention

5.2 Innovation

5.3 Strategies for innovation

5.4 Stakeholders in invention and innovation

5.5 Product life-cycle

5.6 Roger’s characteristics of innovation and consumers

5.7 Innovation, design, and marketing specifications

HL Topic 9: Innovation and Markets
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