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Matthew runs room L15, built Nolat Labs, and teaches Design Technology.

He loves learning, teaching and building.  He’s dedicated to working with students to develop a better way to facilitate learning and achievement.

Ms. Nolat

Ms. Nolat is our founder.  These days, she’s busy around the world, collecting jobs for our employees and sharing Design Technology news and contests.  She writes us a weekly letter.

Number One

Number One runs the Labs while Ms. Nolat travels; he’s the right-hand man around the place.  He controls the game, the employees you meet here, and the rest of the Labs.  He is fair, but firm.  He wants you to succeed.



You’ll find me in the Safety Department, helping players keep their cool.  I do the freaking out, so you won’t.



I work with players to get set up at the beginning of their journey at the Labs.  I also share policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and official notices.  It’s never safe to ignore any of us, but me least of all.



I work in the Modeling department, on floor 3, to improve players’ ability to sketch, draft, make 2D and 3D models in both physical forms (foam, clay, cardboard, paper, wood) and using computer-aided-design (CAD).



The Warehouse is my baliwick.  Timber, metals, plastics, composites: I know materials like the back of my hand.  So will you, when I get done with you. Come on up to floor 4 and see me.


My foci are invention and innovation.  Creativity, exploratory thinking & hard-headed practical views on what works in the marketplace.  Let’s fly!


If it has to do with people, I’ve got you covered.  Anthropometrics, psychology, physiology, I know ’em all.  Pay sharp attention, don’t discount this stuff, and we’ll get along just fine.


Hello, I’m Wim, the docent for the Museum of Classic Design here at Nolat Labs.  If you want to see some great, iconic designs or chat about why they matter, come see me.


When you get down to it, you have to build. That’s where I come in. Production methods, techniques, and execution are my specialty.


The environment.  Our world.  These are what I’m passionate about.  I work to design with the earth as a central factor and I’ll be happy to share my techniques and knowledge.

Gov't Inspection Team

We are the Government Inspection Team.  We’ll help you find out what you know.

Security squad

Keep stuff clean and orderly or you’ll have to deal with us!

Well…yeah…that’s it.

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