Aeronautic journey

Aeronautic journey

You have a model plane, Visitor.  Time to build the life-size version.

Here's where all your work in the workshop will come to the fore.  It's time to build your design!

Take your time with measuring and marking out.  Measure twice for each dimension.  Check that your marks are square, perpendicular, circular, or whatever is appropriate to the particular mark.

Be sure to give yourself a little bit of extra space when cutting.  You can always sand or grind down a piece to a perfect fit.  Adding material once you've cut it off is much, much harder!  ;-)

Use the same care in setting your joints, attachments, and accessories (though you might want to hold off on some of those until after the finish is applied).

Sand, smooth, polish, clean, or otherwise prepare your project for its final finish.

Carefully and evenly finish your product.  Many times, a set of thin layers will result in a much cleaner and smoother finish than one or two thick layers.

When you have a finished product, it's time to evaluate it.


Now that you have a good sketch, you also need to build a model.  You may choose to build this out of paper, cardboard, foamcore, or modeling foam.

Your model will be expected to be of high quality and fidelity, clearly showing how the final product you plan will look.  When you've got both your sketches and your model ready for review, schedule a time with Number 1 to look over it.

You're in the air, Visitor.  Now it's time to start building.  I'm excited for you!

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