Award nomination review

Award nomination review

So, you made some nominations.  Now some research is in order, to make sure you know enough to make an informed decision!

Let's get right into it.  First, there's a great website that gives examples of 50 Classic Designs that are commonly accepted as such.  It's a good way to get a feeling for what sorts of things have been tagged with this label in the past, and why.  Take a look.

In case that one is down (it's been up and down over the past few days - you'll see a stylish 404 error page if it's down), here's another one, not quite as focused on the Classic design, but their list is still quite close to the 50 classic list:  25 inspiring examples of industrial design.  (You're welcome to read both, if you want to, but stay aware of your deadlines during class so you don't use up too much time reading!)

Next, you'll need the appropriate list of nominations and questions.  Here's a sheet with both groups' lists.  Your first job is to get together with the rest of your group (A or B) and go over the other group's list of nominations and questions.  Sort out within yourselves how you'll do the research the other group proposed.

At the end, you'll need to present a report to the other group, summarizing your findings.  This could be a google Doc or a Presentation.  Share it with everyone from the other group (and your group members may find it useful, too).  For quick reference, the list of group members is in the bottom of the document shared above.  Also share it with Number One (

When you've provided that report, the first part of this job is done.

Now it's time to discuss and then defend the nominations.

First, break out with your group (A in the main classroom, B in the upstairs classroom).  Discuss the nominations, ask questions about them, share ideas or answers, identify what else you might need to know in order to make a choice.  This isn't the time to defend your own choice, nor talk about other's choices.  It's a time to ensure you are fully informed about all the nominations.

Then, come back together as a whole class.  Now is the time to defend your choice, if you'd like.  You make take up to 2 minutes to share your preference with the rest of the board and justify why it's the best nominee.

If you spoke to your fellow board members during the information gathering phase, or during the nominee justification phase, you may claim mastery for this job.

Mabrook, Visitor!  I look forward to seeing which of the nominees the board selects this year.  It will be a historic moment!

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