Build your Portfolio

Build your Portfolio

All right, you should already be figuring out how these jobs work.  So take the next step.

Yep!  Now, everyone at Nolat Labs, from Number 2 on down, has an online portfolio that they keep up to date.  If you'd like to see Number 2's professional portfolio, it's online.  A portfolio site or page is becoming expected these days, like a professional looking resume used to be.

If you already have a portfolio site, or blog, feel free to use that here at Nolat Labs, too.  No need to re-invent the wheel!  On the other hand, if you don't already have one set up here's a way to get one easily started (Google+).  You'll use it to record your daily ideas, progress and challenges.

IF you're setting up a new portfolio site:

  1. Head over to (log in with your school account, if you haven't already):
    1. If you get presented with an invitation to the new Google+, accept it.
    2. Choose the "Join google+" link on the left.
    3. Edit your profile to reflect you - name and birthdate are required; you may choose to "decline to state" on gender.
    4. Skip the "Add people you know" step (you may do this later if you want).
    5. Skip the "Follow things you love" step (you may also do this later if you want).
    6. Fill in as much detail as you'd like: picture, school, etc.  None of this is required.
  2. Create a Collection: you'll use this to collect all the posts, photos, etc. that you capture over the next couple years.  Using a collection means you can then use this account for other classes, and non-academics, while still keeping your DT stuff together.
    1. Choose "Collections" on the left menu
    2. Choose "Yours" on the blue top bar
    3. Use the "+" button to create a new collection
    4. Name it "DTco2018"
    5. Make sure it is marked "Public" rather than "for only" or "private."  Otherwise, we'll likely have trouble with some folks accessing it.
  3. If you have a smartphone, it's recommended to download the Google+ app on it to make it easy to take photos and record notes.  If you don't, you might want to check with your friends about sharing theirs to make your logging easier.  Or see Number One about the shared iPhone.

IF you have your own portfolio site: 

  1. Create a collection/tag/category/page/etc to collect the photos and posts you'll capture and write over the next couple years.  Make it easy for you (and admin) to find your stuff - I'd suggest using the DTco2018 tag.
  2. If you have a smartphone, download an app on it to make it easy to take photos and record notes into your site/blog.  If you don't, you might want to check with your friends about sharing theirs to make your logging easier.

OK, Visitor, I bet you already know this drill:

Now you're rolling.  One final step for this job.  A few jobs here and there at Nolat Labs will be just to completion, like your last one.  But most will have a Mastery stage, too.  Mastery will usually be optional, but is highly recommended.  (You'll notice that the bulk of your payday for each job will come from Mastery, not completion.)

In this case, Mastery is required for this job.  Most HR and all Safety Department jobs will be Mastery Required.  For this job's Mastery, head back over to your portfolio and post a comment.  I'd like you to think about what you seen and heard about Nolat Labs and comment, briefly, on what seems exciting, so far.

Once you have a comment posted in your portfolio site, sent Number 1 ( a short email to notify him that your Portfolio is online and ready to access.  That will remind him to add your Collection to his circles, so he can review your entries and keep up with your progress.

Once you've done that, you've Mastered this job.  Enjoy your well earned loot.  It won't likely be this easy again, but will likely be fun.  :-)

Gratz, Visitor.  Now you're pretty well set up in HR.  We just have some policies and procedures to go over before I send you up to the Safety Department.

By the way, I'd strongly recommend that you get your mates to send you links to their profiles, or just add them to your circle(s) in Google+, so you can follow each other and keep up with what you're all doing, comment on their posts, etc.  Likewise, I would recommend you share yours with them.  Working together as a community always makes me feel better.  But it's up to you; it's not required.

Next step, back at the Building Directory, choose "Your camera is your friend" in HR.

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