CAC HS embodied energy

CAC HS embodied energy

I don't believe we've met, yet.  I'm Elif, Nolat Labs' expert on resources and sustainability.  It's a pleasure, Visitor.

We have a lot to discuss, so let's get started right away, shall we?

When we talk about energy, one of the...shall we say, hidden bits that the majority of folks miss is the energy that is embodied inside of building materials.  Every material, from timber through metals to composites like concrete, requires a certain amount of energy to produce, process, transport, install, and so on.  This is its embodied energy.

You should read a bit more about this at Circular Ecology's page on the subject.  Then you might want to sign up for their database; it's free and comes in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, so it's easy to make graphs and charts with.  Highly useful for reporting on the energy use and sustainability of projects you're working on.

A slightly different look at embodied energy is presented by the Australian government at their Your Home site.

Please read both sites in preparation for a discussion next class about whether CAC should claim to be environmentally responsible in their decision to re-use portions of the high school structure.  It would sound like a positive thing, but can we back that up or does the data dispute that choice?

If you decide to ask questions of the administration, or the construction team, please do so responsible.  Gather together all the questions, then approach politely as a group (or a representative thereof), so you only bother them once for information.  They, I, and Number 1 will all thank you.

Well founded, Visitor.  Now, for Mastery, put together a short slideshow (max 5 slides) or report (max 1 page) summarizing the key points:

  1. What is embodied energy
  2. Why does it matter to CAC
  3. How has CAC harmed, or helped, the local environment through their choices in reconstruction of the high school building?
  4. Should CAC include this information in community awareness campaigns?  Does it reflect positively on us?

When you've completed that, link it up here.  (It would probably also be worth loading a copy into your Portfolio.)

Congratulations, Visitor.  This will be useful indeed.

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