Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

All right y'all.  In the Modeling Department, you need a firm understanding of conceptual modeling.  This'll be on the test, so pay attention, OK?

First thing I want you to do is watch a couple videos.  No, not those ones.   :-P   These ones.  Pay special attention; I'm going to ask you to explain why we use modeling.

Next, a skip across the ocean to a car company to look at their modeling process.  And finally, take a look at this diagram of sketching and illustration types.

That's kind of a lot of information, so if you want to take some notes while you look through it, I'll wait.  Remember, the goal here is to understand why we use conceptual modeling.

When you're done, come back here and we'll go on to the next step.

Now that you've got a bit of foundation on this subject, I want ya to think about this question:

How do designers use conceptual modeling?

Some of the answers to that are buried within comments folks made in those videos and articles.  But to get them, you have to know what conceptual modeling is, first.  So investigate that and find out.  (Thank goodness for the internet, right?)

Then you might want to review that article and re-watch those videos with this question in mind.  How do different designers seem to use conceptual modeling?  Ultimately, how might it be useful to you, as you think about the big Design Project you're going to have to do?

When you have an answer to this, write it up in your Portfolio, then click the button.  It might even be worth building a small presentation to explain this to someone else (ever see that quote on Number One's professional portfolio site?  The one by Einstein on Number One's goals page?).

Hey, here's a tip:  share this with your pals, after they've done the job, too.  Read theirs and chat about the answers you found.  Everybody's understanding will be a little different, so sharing your answers once you're all done will give you all a better view of it.  It may seem silly or just dumb, but remember that this will be on the test, so it's worth getting a really deep understanding of it.

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