Criterion B

Criterion B

Ideas should be popping left and right for your Design Project.  How are you doing with creativity?

Criterion B involves coming up with a wide range of ideas for solving your defined problem.  For IB purposes, that means a lot of ideas that are significantly different, especially at HL level.  Several variations on the same idea won't earn the marks for the higher bands (6 and 7) that you likely would prefer.

Having too many ideas, sketches, annotations, etc. is better than not enough - we can always pick and choose in order to show the breadth of your exploration.  Filling in when you didn't explore very widely is much, much harder (and less honest).

Then, getting feedback--from your users, from experts, and so on--based on actual models, is required in order to achieve those top mark bands.  That means it's critical that you're busy exploring ideas right now, so you'll have time to model and obtain feedback over the next couple weeks.

Remember the tool Number One shared for boosting your creativity?

When you've finished your initial Criterion B, you're ready to click through.


Before you send Number 1 your Criterion you'll want to take another good hard look at the revised rubric & guideline sheet.

One of the revisions is a new column on the rubric, which allows you to record where, in your document, you've met the associated requirements.  When you turn in a draft section or Criterion, you'll be expected to turn in a copy of this form, too, with page numbers filled in.  For example, you'll need to turn in a copy of the "B: Ideas" tab along with your Criterion B draft (a pdf copy of the page is fine).  In the pg# column, write down next to the checklist item where in your document that can be most clearly found.  (Hint: one page number per Pg# column isn't a top effort here, you need to indicate page numbers for each item in the checklist.)

Once you have those collected, go ahead and send them over to Number 1.

Ok, Visitor.  That's off for review.  Now it's time to get started on Criterion C: Development.  Now that you have your ideas and have selected one to develop into a full solution, it's time to do that further development.  I expect you to have this Criterion ready in just a few weeks, so get started now!

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