Storage case: develop ideas

Storage case: develop ideas

DesignCycle2014You know what's next, don't you, Visitor?  It's time to sketch ideas!  Get busy drawing!


Moving on to the Developing Ideas quadrant of the Design Cycle, it's time to develop ideas that will meet your Design Brief.  Think about different ways to make a storage case that would meet the requirements you defined.  Sketch them out on a sheet of A3 paper.  Don't worry about dimensions just yet - focus on the overall idea.

If you need help with kick-starting your creativity, see Number One - he has a nifty tool for helping with this.

When you have at least 3 different ideas that you'd be happy choosing from, head over to see Number One.

Now you've selected which idea you'd like to develop.  Hopefully Number One's questions were helpful in deciding which idea to choose.

Your next step, mate, is to draw up a complete plan for what you'll need in order to build this storage case.  You'll want to include:

  1. A complete sketch of the final design in 3 dimensions (isometric or perspective);
  2. A sketch of all the pieces you'll need to cut, showing the exact dimensions.  Be sure to take the thickness of your plastic into account (you may need to measure; use a digital caliper);
  3. A bill of materials, listing the color, thickness and area of the acrylic you plan to use;
  4. A diagram or list of instructions showing how to put the pieces of your case together into the final model.

Draw or write all these components onto sheets of A3 paper.  Take a photo for your portfolio (or more than one), then show Number One for comments.  When he approves it, you're ready for the next step.

That's solid work, mate!  Now, on to producing in 2.5 dimensions: creating the solution.

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