Design cycle: evaluating amplifier

Design cycle: evaluating amplifier

Good on ya, Visitor.  Your amplifier is done, so you're nearly done with this job sequence.  We've got more fun coming your way next, but right now I need you to finish this one off in style.  Click the Start Job button for the details.

Step one of this stylish exit is to document your product, if you haven't already.  Take a few pictures of it in action (I mean with the device inserted).  Try different angles (a really low shot looking up at the product is often an interesting one), close-ups and farther away, and so on.  Or shoot a short video to show how it actually amplifies the sound.  Try to come up with an interesting way to showcase your work.  Then post it/those on your Portfolio site.

If you were clever and took in-production photos as well, post those at the same time.


Step two of the stylish exit is to evaluate your amplifier using the same rubric Number One will use.  The way to use a rubric, in case you're not familiar with them, is called best fit.  You read the descriptions and choose the best descriptions of the product in front of you (which may come from different boxes).  Then you look across the boxes to see which level fits the performance best.

For example, in the following "Finish" rubric, more of the box 3 descriptors (left) are selected than the box 2 selectors (right), so the best fit for this criterion is a 3 of 4.


Make sense?  If you're not sure about a descriptor, or if you're having trouble assigning yourself a mark, ask Number One or Mr. Ahmed for some help.  Make a copy of the rubric in your own Google Drive.  Complete your rubric, calculate your total points and turn it in to Number One along with your amplifier by emailing him the link (  We'll showcase the amplifiers in the library and return them to you before the December break.

Grand job!  Now we're moving on to plastics.  Can't stay still around the Labs!

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