Design notebook – possible problems

Design notebook – possible problems

'Lo again, Visitor.  The next phase of preparation for your Major Design Project is upon you.  This job will require weekly work before you can claim your paycheck.  Are you ready?

To help you get ready for your Major Design Project, this is a long-term job.  Every week, you'll need to come up with at least one idea for a problem that might work well as the core of your Major Design Project.  Good problems

  • are broad enough that there are many possible solutions (if you can think of the perfect solution right away, it may not be a broad enough problem)
  • are narrow enough that
    • they can be addressed via a project in about 15 months
    • both the problem and solutions can be clearly defined in measurable terms
  • require a product solution (problems that require a digital-only solution are not allowed in Design Technology)
  • are genuinely needed by a specific group of people (and may be usable by a much larger group)
  • improve the world; maybe they're more sustainable than existing solutions; or maybe they address a social need that is going unmet; or they serve a population that would not normally be able to acquire new designed products; and so on
  • allow for a wide range of creativity in creating solutions

Do you understand all that, Visitor?  If so, click the button.

All right, we're on the same page now.  So, each week, I expect that you'll write up a design problem in your Portfolio.  Number One will see your post and comment back.  Once he approves the idea, he'll tell you to come back here to collect your paycheck.  That's your cue that you've done a good enough job defining that problem that Number One thinks it might work as an idea for your Major Design Project.

The overall goal here is to collect at least 4 very feasible ideas for your project by the beginning of November.  If you can write up more ideas than that, you'll be ahead of the game and in great shape to start Criterion A of the project.  The more good ideas you can gather to pick from, the more likely you'll produce an outstanding project.

First step - write up your first problem in your Portfolio.  Then click the button here.

Ok, Visitor, now it's up to Number One.  He'll write back a comment on your post indicating when you can pick up your paycheck(s) here.  You keep coming up with other ideas--at least one per week, except WwW--and come back here each time Number One approves them.

Paycheck for Week of Oct 2nd: Tier 4 Rewards
Paycheck for Week of Oct 16th: Tier 4 Rewards
Paycheck for Week of Oct 23rd: Tier 4 Rewards
Paycheck for Week of Oct 30th: Tier 4 Rewards

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