Dirty challenge

Dirty challenge

This one is a little challenge, Visitor.  Not much, but perhaps a little fun.

You discussed pollution with Number One already.  I came up with a list of as many types of pollution as I could think of off the top of my head.  I did not use Google or any other search engine to research this.

Here's the challenge: write up your own list of the many types of pollution.  As many as you can.  It is perfectly OK to use Google to search, or any other search engine you prefer.  What you need to list is types of pollution.  "Light pollution," for example, is a type.  This isn't about specific instances or products, so pesticide use isn't an acceptable entry because it's not a type.  Make sense?

If we have any disputes, we'll discuss them as a group and come to a consensus on the determination.  Number One has the final say, if it gets really heated.

Once you have a list written up in your portfolio, post the link here.  The first post which lists more than I could think up will earn an extra 25 credits (post timing judged by the timestamp here at Nolat Labs when you Complete this job).  In case of an actual tie (post at the same minute) both entries will receive the bonus.

Ok, here is my list:

  1. Light pollution
  2. Sound pollution
  3. Chemical spills
  4. Chemical use (intended, not spilled, like for fertilizer or pesticide)
  5. Nuclear waste
  6. Industrial waste (factory / production plant wastes)
  7. Mining tailings
  8. Landfill leaching/leaks
  9. Dropped/lost/blown-away garbage, wrappers, bottles, cans, cigarette butts, etc. (ie: individual throws trash into the world instead of a trash receptacle)
  10. Visual pollution (eg: "I hate those wind farms, they interrupt my view of the beautiful coastline!")

Did you think of more?  If so, show Number one your claim and you'll get the reward (if you're the first one).

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