DT Project: first steps

DT Project: first steps

Hello.  In case you haven't met me yet, I'm Franklin.  All of us will help you through the Design Project (or Internal Assessment, or IA) but I get the honor of introducing it to begin with.  Interested?

The Design Project will comprise 40% of your final mark with the IB.  It's pretty big!  So we want to get you started early, both thinking about it and doing some simple exercises to help you begin getting ready for it.

Actually, a lot of what you do here in the Labs will be helping you get ready for it (like the Sketching Challenges with Dodavi, for example).  But we'll also give you specific jobs, like this one, that are focused more directly on the Design Project.

This job will take you at least a week.  If it doesn't, you haven't spent enough time on it and shouldn't claim completion.  Got that, Visitor?  Sometimes it really pays to take your time and do things right.

When you're ready to work with that timeline in mind, go ahead and click through to the next phase.

You're really ready to take 7 days on this job?  Ok.

What I want you to do is start observing the objects, buildings, and systems around you.  Notice the things that fill your life.

Phone. Car. Grocery store. Clothes. Toothbrush. Bed. TV....

Particularly, notice the ones that do their jobs really well.  Or the ones that you really like.  The ones that are well designed.

Take note in your Portfolio of a few of these over the next week.  Take a picture, then explain why that item, system, or building is so well designed.  What made it stand out in your mind?

Once you've spent at least 7 days noticing and recording, once you have a collection of several items you feel represent good design from your life, you're ready for the final step.

Now that you have some examples, I'd like you to write a description of what good design is.  It should encompass all of the items you've collected and the reasons you identified that make each an example of good design.

Think a few minutes about classic good designs, too.  Like Apple Computer. BMW. Blue jeans. Is your definition broad enough it will cover them, too?

When you're satisfied with your definition, click on through.

Gratz, Visitor.  This is a good first step toward a great Design Project.  We'll have more for you to do soon.

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