Electrical Distribution

Electrical Distribution

I've been looking into electricity generation here in Egypt and I have some questions I'd like you to investigate for me.

According to this document, in the section Distributing energy: national and international grid systems, electricity is usually generated and distributed at high voltages, then that's reduced in order to be used in homes and businesses.  I know Egypt has a goal of switching at least partially to solar and wind power.  So I have some questions for you:

  1. Why is electricity distributed at high voltage when we use it at low voltage?  Related to that, why not use it at high voltage?  (In most of the world, for example, we use 220V, while in the North America it's usually 110V.  Why?  Why not higher?)
  2. What voltage do solar and wind farms generate?
  3. Are there any other differences between solar/wind generation and traditional power generation?

When you've figure that stuff out for me, post it on your Portfolio for reference, then we can get to the real question.

Now, the bigger question is: What changes will Egypt need to make in order to shift substantially to solar and wind power generation?  Write up a 1-page report on this in Google Docs.  You can (and are encouraged to) work in pairs or triads for this job (no quads nor larger). Link your report here.

Thank you very much, Visitor. This will help me in my planning and reporting.

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