Employee Time Off

Employee Time Off

Visitor, I didn't include this earlier because it's pretty important.  I wanted you to have time to get adjusted to the way the Labs works before I covered this.

Here's the scoop: Ms. Nolat, Number One and I all understand that you will likely be going on trips, get sick, and need to go to the bathroom during class.  Like any good company, we want our employees to be comfortable and healthy.  We understand that part of that is making sure you have leave when you really need it.  Here's how we'll cover that type of situation.

In the Company Store, and in the Convenience Store in The Daily, you'll find items for Tardy, Absence, and Restroom Pass.  Any time you have arrived late, missed a class, or need to go during class, you just purchase the appropriate item.

I would suggest you read through the descriptions for those items and become familiar with them, right now.  There are some important warnings you should heed in order to keep your score and your credit balance as high as possible.

Because we want you to be comfortable and healthy, we're going to give you 600 credits in advance, enough for 5 absences and 2 restroom passes for this semester.

These are just credits.  You are free to use them however you want.  But I'd suggest that you look at your schedule and plan carefully.  An unpaid absence can turn into Damage, which affects your loot (every 2 damage reduces your loot 10%).  It can also affect your grade, if you still have Damage on your record at a reporting deadline.

Do you understand, Visitor?  It's important that you are careful about your spending.


This is different than the school record in Skyward.  Number One will record your absence or tardy there, just like in other classes.

Rather than arranging "make-up" work, though, you'll simply purchase a Tardy or Absence to account for that missing time.  Basically, if you have enough credits to cover your time this way, you'll have learned enough in the course, whether you do make-up work, spend extra time in the labs, or simply do a good job staying up-to-date in the jobs from The Daily. If you have credits to cover your missing time, you're covered.

So, once more, to be sure we're clear on your responsibilites.

  1. If you are late to class (less than 20 minutes) you much purchase a Tardy from the Company Store within 5 minutes of arriving in class.  Otherwise you'll have to purchase a Tardy Fail.
  2. When you are absent (or late more than 20 minutes), you much purchase an Absence on the day you return to class.  Purchase one for each day you were gone.  Otherwise, you'll have to purchase an Absence Fail.

If you have any questions about this, check with Number One.


OK, Visitor, it sounds like you understand the situation well then.  Here's a link to your advance credits.  (You have to click the link and then use the Buy button to get them.)

Staff Leave

Plan carefully and some of those credits may end up being free to you.  Or you can use them as you see fit and then work hard to earn credits and minutes enough to cover your needs.  It's all up to you.

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