Examples of design opportunities

Examples of design opportunities

Well hello there!  I'd like to get you started with a bit of thoughtful consideration about the design opportunities all around us.

Let's get started.

First thing I'd like you to do is read through this post over at the OSC IB blogs for students.  Some really inspiring ideas, I think.

Next, brainstorm a list of potential problems you've seen, right here around Cairo, that could use some focused Design work to solve them.  They don't have to be problems you know how to solve right now (in fact, it's best if they aren't).  But they do need to be:

  • Local to Cairo, or Egypt
  • Big or small problems that affect real people every day
  • Problems that could be solved with the development of a product or a system

Record a few ideas (5-10) on a post on your Portfolio.


Now, just pause and let this hang around in the back of your thoughts for a few days.  Look around, as you travel across Cairo or around Maadi.  Notice the design opportunities around you.

  • What doesn't work well?
  • What annoys people?
  • What looks ugly?
  • Why is it like that?
  • Could it be Designed better?

As you discover design opportunities, record a few in your Portfolio.  Take a picture of the situation or object, write a note about why it's a design opportunity, and record your thoughts about how it could be solved.

When you've collected 4-5 of these, you're done with this stage.

Solid work, Visitor.  This sort of thinking will really help you find a great problem to work on for your Design Project.  Keep noticing the world around you - it matters!

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