Final self-reflection of 2016

Final self-reflection of 2016

Visitor, it's time for your final semi-weekly reflection post for this semester.  Be sure to read carefully - this is somewhat different than the other reflections you've written.

As usual, the first thing you need to post is your assessment of how you did the last few weeks in terms of effort.  It's not about how much you accomplished, it's about how hard you tried.  In this sort of environment, giving it your all inevitably results in great results.
So, what's your grade? Then, include these standard elements: review what you've done and learned; include an image; and reflect on your previous goal.  

Now, a bit more, Visitor.  Since it's the end of the semester, this is a good time for a longer-term reflection.  I'd like you to think about the following questions in orange.  Please take the time to think about these.  Then, answer the ones below in green.

  1. Are you satisfied with your progress in DT this semester?
  2. How is the format of this class helping you and how is it hurting your understanding of DT?

When you've thought about those, answer these in your reflection:

  1. What will you do the same and what will you do differently next semester, to give yourself the best chance of doing really well in DT?
  2. What should I change in order to give you the best chance of doing really well?

Thanks, Visitor.  I wish you a wonderful winter break!

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