Flash challenge: travel hanger revision

Flash challenge: travel hanger revision

Visitor, this one might benefit us all (at least, the international ones of "us").  Come up with some creative solutions and we'll post them to share w/ the world.

Rain Noe posted a write-up of an interesting travel hanger design that is both functional and minimal, at Core77.  It's elegant and simple, exemplifying good design in both form and function; it may become a classic design.

However, as one commenter noted "Unfortunately, this one from Y002 won't work in most hotel room closets since they usually only have a rod and this hanger has no means to hook onto it."


So, the challenge is to come up with a design, either an add-on or a modification of the existing design, that would allow use in both closet-with-rod and hook configurations.

When you have sketched out and annotated two or more feasible solutions, post them on your Portfolio, then add the link here.  For an extra challenge, think of a way to work with the theft-prevention hangers in some modern hotels, too (they have a pin & knob on the top, that hooks into a hanger on the closet railing - pictures below).

Because we'll be posting these for the world to see, you'll need to do a clean and attractive job on the sketching and write very clearly if you annotate.


Nice work.  Number One will collect the answers for Ms. Nolat.  We'll post the suggestions to the article at Core77 for the world to see.

Thanks for stepping up to the challenge, Visitor!

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