Graphical design

Graphical design

Hey, Visitor, I need some help.  Can you spare a few minutes?

Here's the deal: we have an automated document management tracking system, but it's busted at the moment.  I need to tag a bunch of files so we can find them later.  We know the project each file belongs to and the designer(s) involved.  But the system didn't tag them with key phrases, like "orthographic" or "sketch."  Hover here for a quick list of some terms.

When you've taken a look at these files, have a go at making a list of appropriate tags that should be added to each file.  You can refer to the files by number if you like.  When you've posted that list to your portfolio, come back and click the button.

Now, I realize that I kinda threw you into the deep end on this one.  Before you despair, here are a couple resources you can look through to get a better understanding of the types of graphical designs we use in the field.

Once you've reviewed one or both of those, you can return to your list and probably revise it to better reflect our Design terminology and practices.  I'm sure I didn't have a full list of terms in that pop-up, so feel free to add better terms from those materials as you find them.  When you have what you think is a thorough list of tags for those documents, go ahead and click Mastery for this job.

Thanks, Visitor.  Tech is great, but nothing beats the judgement of a human being.  I appreciate the help!

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