Honor, time, and damage

Honor, time, and damage

Honor and time can earn you quite a tidy bonus, Visitor.  If you want it.

Honor, in our game, may not seem like much at first.  You can't buy anything with it.  So why get it?

For every 5 Honor you collect, your loot (XP, credit, bonuses, etc) will be increased 10%.  So if you complete a job worth 100 XP and 8 credits, but you have 5 Honor, you would receive 110XP and 9 credits (it rounds up).  As you accumulate more and more Honor, this can become quite a substantial bonus.

However, you want to consider carefully how much to spend on Honor, especially early in the year.  There are many other items you might want or need and converting Honor back into credits comes at a pretty substantial loss.  Yet another chance to make wise decisions, Visitor.

The inverse of Honor is Damage.  If you accumulate damage points (and nearly everyone does, at some point) you'll see your loot drop.  For every 2 damage you accumulate your loot will be nerfed 10% (rounded down).  Fortunately, you can heal your damage in the Company Store "Repair and Exchange" section.  You're welcome to use credits, minutes or honor to repair damage.

Tip: when report cards are released, if you have damage on your account you will max out at a B+.  Let's go over that again.  At the grade reporting deadline (when Number One has to report grades to HS admin), if you have damage on your account in the Labs, the highest grade that he will record for you will be a B+.  So be sure to repair any damage you receive well before the reporting deadlines, Visitor.

A very important note about bonuses.  There are a couple special bonuses available daily:

  • Early bird bonus - only available before class starts (as recorded by the computer).  Once claimed, you must start working on The Daily.  Claims recorded after the start of class and claimants who don't start working in their Labs will earn an Early bird bogus.
  • Tardy - if you are not logged into your computer before the block starts, you must purchase a Tardy in the Company Store.  You're successful logged in as soon as the desktop appears.  If you don't purchase an earned Tardy within 5 minutes, you must then purchase a Tardy (instead of the Tardy, not in addition to it).  The wise among you will have noticed that this means you must be at a computer at the start of the block; starting in the Workshop isn't an option (veterans, take note).
  • Null - if you logged in, but not early enough to claim an Early bird bonus, you earn no reward, nor penalty.  You're still eligible for the Full block bonus.
  • Full block bonus - only available after the block is over.  Players who earn an Early bird bonus or Null and work through the end of the block may claim this. Void if you arrive late (including excused), or purchase a Damage, Homework Pass, or Restroom Pass.  Purchasing Full block bonus before the end of the block will earn you a Full block bogus.

If you're not sure when a block starts or ends, check the sign over the door to the Labs.  There are clocks visible from both halves of the room, so it's easy to tell when it is.

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