International Festival

International Festival

Ok, troops.  You have a significant amount of experience with the design process itself and with the workshop, now.  It's time for you to spread your wings a bit and build something for other people.

This project will involve designing and building a product, then creating a process for someone else to build a small-batch run of your product.  We'll take all the finished products to the International Festival and sell them in our booth.  You will decide as a group what to do with the proceeds.

Possible options for the product you choose will include:

  1. Pewter jewelry
    beginning metalwork including mould-making, casting, and polishing
  2. Accessory stand
    beginning mixed materials with possibilities including acrylic, leather, wood (multiple types), and metal
  3. Children's toy
    intermediate woodwork with emphasis on detail and finishing

Once you've finished designing and making the product (in one of those three Jobs) I'll give you the password you'll need to come back here and finish this one.  Get to work!

Build the instructions, jigs, & other tools for making the product in batch

Evaluate your product and write up a description sheet, with pictures.

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