Labeling quagmire

Labeling quagmire

This one is worth quite a bit, Visitor, because you'll need to do a fair amount of research on your own to accomplish it.  If that's your sort of job, dig in.

I'm pleased you're up to the job, Visitor.  Here are the details.  We need to help our client, Amalgamated Plastics, with setting up the environmental labeling for their products.  The difficult bit is that their market is worldwide.  So we need to know about the major markets' eco-labeling requirements, specifically those related to plastics or plastic replacement products (since Amalgamated will be moving into sustainable plastic replacements in the near future).

They aren't quite the same in each country - so we need to find out the basic details of each.  Would you please collect samples of the eco-labels for the various markets around the world?  We're really only interested in eco-labels for plastic products, or plastic related products, since this is for Amalgamated Plastics, after all.  Here's a list of countries that might have regulations of this sort:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. European Union (is Great Britain different?)
  4. Russia
  5. China
  6. India
  7. Australia
  8. South Africa
  9. If you know of any others (I don't, yet), I'll issue a special reward for bringing them to my attention, with an extra reward if they're not in English - I can't speak any foreign languages, unfortunately.  Are there any eco-label systems in the middle east?  Email me directly ( if you have anything to report for #9.

Create a report, which should be on Google Docs for easy access, showing each of the labels—or listing the label requirements—that you found.  Note: not every region may have an eco-labeling scheme, yet.


Your final report should include:

  • Collect label examples from each of the countries/regions that have them (some won't, yet),
  • Labels for each one, so I'll know which country or region it represents.

Then, I'd like you to:

  • Discuss whether we can design a single label that will match all of them.  In other words, can we design a label that will include the information shown on each of the major countries' / regions' labels?
  • If not, can we design a label that will match several of them at least, in order to save us time and printing costs?
  • If it's possible to consolidate at least some of the labels, sketch an example of your proposed revision.
  • If it's not possible, explain why we can't, so I can report accurately to Amalgamated Plastic's board of directors (they won't be happy, so I'll need data to back me up).

Link your report here.

Thank you, Visitor.  This is going to make my work with Amalgamated Plastics go much smoother.  I appreciate your work!

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