Materials Inspection

Materials Inspection

Visitor, are you ready for this?

If you just want to get started right away, the link to the Inspection site is below.  But if you have a minute, I have a couple things to share with you.

First, you'll have 2 weeks to complete this inspection.  Questions taken from a larger bank, so when you retake, it's likely you'll only see a few of the same questions.  But the concepts covered will be the same in any case.  You'll have 40 minutes for each attempt.  A passing score is mastery, which is a 90% or higher (19 or 20 out of 20).

Second, some success tips.  New employees often feel a strong need to retake their inspection right away if they didn't pass on the first attempt.  Resist!  You'll do much better if you consider the questions you didn't answer correctly and the ones you did.  Think about which areas you are already clearly understanding.  Identify in which areas you need further study.

Identify those areas you weren't sure about but answered correctly.  Study those areas too. Because the questions change, if you're not confident you know an area, it's worth a bit more of your time.  Also critical: identify if there are any areas you haven't yet studied?  There may be jobs you still need to do before taking the inspection again.

Government Inspection Office

It does very little good to immediately retake an inspection, so you won't be allowed to do this.  A minimum 2-hour delay between attempts is enforced.  Please, use this time to review your attempt, determine areas of need, study further, and return to retake at a later time.

For best results, the following schedule is recommended:

  1. Sunday, November 6th
    1. If you have already studied Glass, submit for inspection.  Review your inspection results and identify areas in need of further study.
    2. If you have not yet studied Glass, do that today.
  2. Monday, November 7th: continue to study Glass, or review your areas of further study.
  3. Tuesday, November 8th: (re-)submit the inspection, review your results and identify areas in need of further study.
  4. Continue as above, submitting for an inspection every other day or two, reviewing your results, and improving your total understanding of these materials until you are fully confident of your knowledge about these materials.  Continue re-submitting inspections until you regularly achieve mastery (one mastery mark by itself doesn't necessarily show full understanding).
  5. This will best prepare you for any future inspections that include these materials.

When you have achieved mastery of this inspection, we'll give you the password to complete this job.

Not bad.  Not bad at all.  We'll be back for other inspections.  Until then, keep working.

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