Materials mavin

Materials mavin

Do you really understand your materials, Visitor?  Here's a chance to show what you know.

Study this picture of a proposed bicycle-trailer-tent product.  It's designed to be pulled by a single person on a bike, then unfold into a comfortable, single-person resting room.

Make a list of all the different components that would be needed to build this product in a google Doc.  Think carefully!  As with any sketch, there are small parts and parts that are obscured or hidden by others.  When you have a list of at least 12 components (don't worry about the bike, just the trailer-tent), you're ready to go on to the next step.

Now, build a table.  For each component on your list add which material would be best suited to make it along with a justification regarding why.  This needs to be specific and might require a little research.

For example, you might think the case should be made of timber for the aesthetic appeal of it, meshing with the outdoor camping theme.  You'd need to specify which type of timber (oak, mahogany, mdf, and so on) along with why it's aesthetic appeal was best suited for this project, as well as any other properties of that material that were relevant to this product and the component involved.

When your table is complete, link the URL to the google Doc here.  (No, posting on your portfolio isn't acceptable.  Follow the instructions.)


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