Measuring humans

Measuring humans

Hiya, I'm Marie.  Welcome to the human factors department.  This is where we take into consideration that everything we design is going to be used by human beings.  So we focus on 'em, here on the fifth floor (and up on the 8th, too).  Let's dive in.

When we design stuff for human beings, we need to know how to built it to fit human beings, right?  So we have to know what shape human beings are.  In lots of ways.  So we measure 'em.

That's anthropometrics.  Measuring human beings.

OK, that's all you need to know about this.

Haha, actually, no.  It's not.  Jump over to this presentation and read through the 1.1a Anthropometrics section.  You can stop when you get to Psychological Factors.

When you finish that reading, I have a little quiz in anthropometrics for you, but I'd like you to get some field experience first.  So stop here for now.  You'll get sent back here a bit later to finish up.

( Oh, and if Dodavi sent you up here to learn about ergonomics, the password you're going to need is "fingerLength" )

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