Playground palisade

Playground palisade

How often have you seen a child scolded for attempting to climb up the ramp of a playground slide, rather than descending demurely down it? Take a second glance at the objects in most playgrounds and you'll clock the extent to which they are totally prescriptive, designed to be used in a single way...

Thus starts an interesting article by Phineas Harper, in which he laments the current focus on worry-proofing playgrounds, rather than really looking at how children play.  Read through the article first.

Now, what would a playground look like that was actually designed with children's play as the central focus?  Come up with some ideas; outline them in some detail (materials used, specifics of the design idea, how children could use it in their play, how it encourages multi-use, how it discourages linear and limited adult interpretation, and so on); and offer justifications for each.

Basic points for the job up to this point (6 to 8 of ten, depending on your thoroughness).  If you'd like a few more, click through to the next stage.  In either case, post your outline to your Google+ portfolio.

Sketch an example of the playground you've described in the previous section.  Draw clearly and evenly so it's easy to see and understand your sketch.  Try drawing in perspective if you usually use isometric; likewise if you usually use proper perspective, try the whole thing in isometric only.

Upload a scan of your drawing to turn it in.

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