Safety: Drill press

Safety: Drill press

Stay calm as a clam in the Workshop, Visitor.  I'll handle any freaking.

One piece of equipment that may not seem very dangerous is the drill press.  But even it, simple as it is, can cause problems.

We use a drill press for cutting perfectly vertical holes through wood and metal.  We have several size, for various purposes, here in the Workshop.  I'd like you to watch this:

All right, now, write up a short summary of the key points of use and safety with the drill press.  That's your Mastery task.  Start with a heading of the word "Safety," followed by:

  1. Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 09.13.40Name of the equipment
  2. How it's used (1 brief sentence)
  3. Safety precautions - what can you do before you start using the equipment to ensure you stay safe?
  4. Safety practices - what do you do while using the equipment to ensure you stay safe?


Nice, Visitor.

If this is your final equipment in the Safety Department, then you should head for the Exit Interview.  Otherwise, finish up reviewing all the material for every piece of equipment, then move on.  Time to head to the Building Directory again.

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