Safety: Exit Interview

Safety: Exit Interview

Looks like you've put in time in the Safety Department.  Now, one final step before we send you upstairs.

Tim is known for freaking out around here, but he's really a great guy.  When Number 1 asks him "What's your grade" he always says "B, 'cause I guess I could have done better."  But he usually earns "I gave it my all."

Number 1 understands that we can always do better.  Being perfect isn't what the Labs are about.  Learning...paying full each task your best effort...that's what it's about. Part of giving it your best effort is keeping things safe in the Workshop, for yourself as well as your colleagues.

So now you're familiar with safety (or you should be!).  In your portfolio, I'd like you to write up your thoughts on overall safety in the Workshop.  What sorts of things would you tell next year's students if you only had 5 minutes to pass on a safety briefing to them?

Take this seriously, Visitor.  Really think about what are the most essential procedures and policies that must be conveyed to keep us all safe while we work with these machines.  When you've completed your thoughts, add the URL to your post here.

You should know that Number 1 will be reviewing these for use with next year's crop of potential designers.  If you didn't give it your all on this one, here's a chance to go back and polish it up. (Number One believes mistakes help us learn...but only if you notice them and correct them!)

Remember, the last 10% often takes the bulk of the time and makes nearly all the difference between almost-good-enough and awesome.

Finally, thanks for taking the time to keep yourself and all of us safe in the Workshop.  It matters!  Now head up to the 3rd floor and get started in the Modeling Department; I'm sure Dodavi is impatient to get started with you.  Back to the Building Directory with you.

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