Safety: In the Workshop

Safety: In the Workshop

Hey there.  Don't freak out, stay calm.  That's my creed.  In the workshop, it needs to be yours, too.

Hi, I'm Tim and I'll be helping you to get your Safety Passport, so you can start working.  You already know what to do next, right?

Ok, what you'll be doing for these Safety jobs is reviewing the usage and safety information for the Labs in general, and specific (electrical) equipment in particular.  That'll usually be a bit of written info and a video.  Then you'll record the key bits of info in your portfolio.

From here on out, we won't be telling you any particular order in which to complete your jobs.  In the Safety Department, just as in HR, all the jobs are required, but these are the only two floors on which that is true.  From 3rd floor up, you'll choose your own path and complete the jobs you choose.

First step here is to look over the general safety information for the whole lab.  These principles and requirements apply throughout the Labs and particularly the Workshop.  Before you start watching, get out your earbuds and plug them in.  If you don't have any, borrow a set of the Lab's earphones (they're in the box over by the printer).

Now, watch this video, then as always, click the button:

Now, what you'll need to do for Mastery for each of these tasks in the Safety Department is document the basics in your portfolio.  This job will look a bit different than the rest (they're all about one specific piece of equipment).  For this job, write a short list of the basic rules and practices that apply throughout the Labs.  Title your post "Safety."

When you've written that up, click the button.


OK, those are the general safety precautions throughout the workshop.

For the rest of these jobs, your entry will focus on one or two pieces of equipment.  You'll start with a heading of the word "Safety," followed by:

  1. Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 09.13.40Name of the equipment
  2. How it's used (1 brief sentence)
  3. Safety precautions - what can you do before you start using the equipment to ensure you stay safe?
  4. Safety practices - what do we do while using the equipment to ensure you stay safe?

An example post is pictured over on the right.



Next, head back to the Building Directory and keep working in the Safety Department (floor 2).

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