Safety: Scroll saw and router table

Safety: Scroll saw and router table

Keep your cool.  Freaking out is my job! The workshop is a place where you need to be cool like an ice cube.

There are a couple really useful pieces of equipment in our Workshop on the counter under the windows.  These are the scroll saws and the router table.  Ready to take a look?

The scroll saw is used for cutting curved lines.  It's actually kinda tricky to cut a very straight line with the scroll saw (for that, better to use a band saw, the table saw, or a miter saw).  The routing table is used to cut grooves, round off edges, or put fancy edges on wood pieces.

Here are a couple videos for you to review about these two handy tools:

Watched both of those?  Then click:

Now, for Mastery, in your portfolio, write up a short summary of the key points of use and safety for the scroll saw and a separate one for the router table.  Start with a heading of the word "Safety," followed by:

  1. Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 09.13.40Name of the equipment
  2. How it's used (1 brief sentence)
  3. Safety precautions - what can you do before you start using the equipment to ensure you stay safe?
  4. Safety practices - what do you do while using the equipment to ensure you stay safe?


Solid progress, Visitor.

Make sure you complete all the jobs in the Safety Department.  Once you're done with the Intro and Equipment jobs, then you should head for the Exit Interview.  Time to head back to the Building Directory.

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