Safety: Table Saw

Safety: Table Saw

Don't freak out, stay calm.  That's my creed.  In the workshop, it needs to be yours, too.

Let's look at the biggest, probably scariest piece of electrical equipment in the Workshop.  The Table Saw.

The table saw is used for cutting large pieces of wood, but also for putting grooves in and shaping edges.  It's fairly safe when used properly, but requires respect because it can cause very serious injury if the safety procedures are ignored.

Now, for Mastery, in your portfolio, write up a short summary of the key points of use and safety for the table saw.  Start with a heading of the word "Safety," followed by:

  1. Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 09.13.40Name of the equipment
  2. How it's used (1 brief sentence)
  3. Safety precautions - what can you do before you start using the equipment to ensure you stay safe?
  4. Safety practices - what do you do while using the equipment to ensure you stay safe?


Good work. Make sure you complete all the jobs in the Safety Department.  Once you're done with the Intro and Equipment jobs, then do the Exit Interview job.  Back to the Building Directory for your next job.

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