Scalar memory

Scalar memory

Right, Visitor.  Let's get a tool built for you to help with those scales of measurement.

This will be a quick chance to practice your design skills with 2d design or maybe even a chance to improve them.  What I want you to do is create a memory tool to help you review the 4 types of scales of measurement.

Now, you could just build a quickie rectangle with the four scales typed up in words and a description of each.  Booooring.  Also not challenging for your skill level at this point.  That would earn you an "Are you kidding me?" level.

Instead, have a little fun with it!  How can you build something that will be useful, interesting, and a bit of a challenge for you?

Here's one possibility:

Before you go too crazy, there are a few restrictions:

  1. It must fit within a 15 x 15 cm square
  2. Choose either acrylic (pick your color) or thin MDF (1-2 mm)
  3. You may choose to have etching on it if you wish (I would recommend it, in fact)
  4. Feel free to use images from the internet, or better yet get your own inspiration from them
  5. Remember that cut lines need to be red and zero mm width; etching is black.

Ok, go crazy!

Not bad, Visitor.  We may make an ergonomist out of you yet!

Now, your job is to make sure that gets cut on the Laser Cutter.  Whether that happens in class or out is up to you and the schedule; just make sure it happens before the 31st of January for full credit.


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