Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Hello, dearie!  I have a lovely scavenger hunt among the classic designs for you.

The scavenger hunt will involve finding examples of classic designs that fit several characteristics.  Here is a small directory of sites that you can browse to find classic designs:

If you appreciate architecture, this trio of sites is focused on designs of that sort.

On the other hand, if fashion is your inspiration, here are a trio of sites focused only in that direction.

Finally, here are a trio of sites that looks at designs that have been re-imagined years later, or imagined from scratch based on a prior aesthetic:

Now, let us chat about your hunt.  Your task is to find a classic design product that exemplifies each of the following characteristics.  You are not limited to designs from the sites listed above; you are welcome to use any examples you know and any other directories or sites.

Scavenger Hunt List

  1. A design that is clearly based solely (or nearly so) on form, neglecting function.
  2. A design that is clearly based solely (or nearly so) on function at the expense of form.
  3. A design that balances form and function well.  (Although one could be a stronger influence, they are balanced.)
  4. A design that you feel has a beautiful form, OR one that you feel would flawlessly fulfill its function.
  5. A retro-styled redesign of a classic.  This doesn't mean a classic design that was made again according to the original plan.  Rather, it means the original plan was carefully redesigned, taking the modern age into account as well as keeping a clearly recognizable aesthetic and functional tie to the original version.

Take pictures (and perhaps a few notes).

So you have all your pictures? (And a few notes, too? That's ace, Visitor.)

Please take those to your portfolio and build a posting.  Show each of your choices, list the category for which you selected it, and explain these three items.  You may choose which design to describe for each one.

  1. How did this design become a classic, in spite of being so unbalanced in form vs. function?
  2. Why do you feel this design so superbly exemplifies form/function?
  3. Which characteristics of classic design does this piece exemplify?

When you have all your pictures posted and your answers written (in one portfolio post, please) then add the URL to that post here.

Smashing, dear.  Thanks for playing Scavenger Hunt!

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