See right through

See right through

All right there, Visitor?  We're about to go full speed, are you ready?  This will be a two-job package.

First part of this job will use your design skills.  I want you to imagine a glass cube, about 8-10 cm per side.  Now I want you to imagine the cube faces are inscribed with all the key details about glass.  So in essence, it's a study cube, of glass, about glass.  Nifty, eh?

Your job here is to design this cube.  How big? (No more than 10cm on a side)  What's written on each side?  You have to include the word "Glass" and your name.  Other things you might want to include would be the stuff you'd see on the Material Data Sheet for glass.  There's a good, short, presentation about this over at the Diploma Design Technology website.  Click the circles for "Topic 4 - Raw Materials to final product" and then "4.2c Glass." (That link is in our Global Resource Center, too.)

glass-properties-cubeHere's a little image to help you envision this and get started.

Click on it for a bigger version if you'd like.

When you have your version designed, head over to the second job in the package, Six sides.  You'll need the password: transparent.  (Head over there before you complete this job, then come back when that job tells you to do so.)

Well now, that's just purty!  Not a bad day's work.  Next thing I'd like you to do is some thinking, Visitor.  Hopefully, you put some real thought into what you inscribed on this cube, so it'll be actually useful when you go to study for your Government Inspection and later, for the IB Exam.  (If not, why are you bothering?!)

How could you build stuff that would help you study other topics?  Write down a few thoughts on your Portfolio (remember, Number One likes to see substantial posts there, not toss-off quickies).

What about for other classes?  Are there things you could build that would help you remember the material you need for those, too?  Keep it in mind, because this sort of work really helps - kind of like double-encoding, when you write and draw the same info.

Ok, once you've posted your (substantial) thoughts to your Portfolio, you're all finished.  Time to collect the final bit of your paycheck.

Congratulations! Remember to take home your cube, unless you want to donate it for display (in that case, give it to Number One).

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