Semi-weekly reflection 9/22

Semi-weekly reflection 9/22

Visitor, it's time again for your semi-weekly assessment post.  If you've been clever, you've written a daily post to your Portfolio each class, so this will be easy.  If you haven't done that, it may be a bit harder; you'll need to remember back over the last 5 classes, two weeks.

The first thing you need to post is your assessment of how you did this week in terms of effort.  It's not about how much you accomplished, it's about how hard you tried.  In this sort of environment, giving it your all inevitably results in great results.
So, what's your grade?

  • I gave it my all.
    I consistently tried to succeed.
  • Great, but,
    I know I could have done better.
  • No second effort;
    I didn't try very hard.
  • Are you kidding me?
    I'm wasting my time.
  • Who are you?
    I'm not recognized by classmates nor teacher.


You know what's next, Visitor.  Why?

Quick Summary:

  • Self assessment: Be honest. Example: "I give myself 'Good, but...' this time.  I spent time chatting with my friends nearly every class and didn't really give my full effort to finishing jobs in the Labs."
  • In review: Add details of what you did, what you learned, how you succeeded, how you failed (fails happen all the time—celebrate and learn from them). Be specific. Be brief. One paragraph.
  • Imagery: A minimum of one image or video—even if it's a work in progress—within your post.
  • Goal reflection: State your prior goal. Did you achieve your goal this week? Why, or why not? Be honest.
  • Goal: Write your new goal for the next two weeks. Be specific. Make it meaningful and relevant to your work in Labs.
  • Self-guided learning: (optional): If you used any external resources--youtube videos, websites, etc: link it, describe it, give it a rating (1=bad, 5=great), one sentence review of why it's worth using.  Bonus credit may be awarded.

OK, Visitor.

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