Sketching challenge #4 – Freehand sketching and crating

Sketching challenge #4 – Freehand sketching and crating

This challenge focuses on a technique for sketching nearly any shape or feature of an object.  It's a power tool of the sketching toolbox, allowing you to sketch curves and complicated shapes much more accurately, much sooner in your career.  Practice it well, Visitor.

Rememberfor the Challenges, you want them to be...challenging.  If you can already draw and shade 3d objects in perspective, this may be too low for you.  If you struggle to freehand draw objects in isometric view, this may be too high.

Walk over to the flat drawers (remember the video, from the Tour?)  Pull out a Sketching challenge #4 page from the second drawer down.

  1. Read the instructions and look at the examples.
  2. Trace over the samples.
  3. Fill in the rest of the page with sketches.
  4. Keep 'em about 3 to 5 cm square. Not larger and not much smaller.  You want to fill the page up with a lot of practice.
  5. Vary what you're sketching, so you practice all the skills for this challenge.

Got your page filled up?  Moving on,

Now, we have some exemplar pages in folders in drawer 3.  Compare your drawing to the exemplars and assign yourself a mark based on the exemplar your work most closely resembles.Particularly look at the notes written on the exemplar.  [If there aren't any exemplars yet, review your Challenge page with Number 1.]

Capture a picture of your sketching challenge page, then post a note on your profile, including

  • the picture
  • your evaluation of how well you did (your mark)
  • why you think your sketch resembles that exemplar
  • IF your mark isn't "I gave it my all," what could you do to improve for next time?

Note: you're welcome to re-take Sketching challenges as often as you'd like to get the marks you want.

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