Something different

Something different

For Textiles, I'd like to set you up with something a bit different, for a chance of pace, right?

First, make sure you've read either the Diploma Design Technology section on Textiles, or Mr. Blyth's chapter on Textiles.  Then, give these a burl:

  1. What do you know about fibers & fabrics?
  2. BBC Bitesize: Fibers quiz

How'd you do, mate?  If you're satisfied, move on.  If not, you might want to revise a bit more, then try again.  Or there is a textiles focused revision page over on Wikispaces that you might find useful.

With that background under your belt, have a look at this report about a textiles problem in Singapore.  Then think about textiles right here in Cairo.  What sort of problem do you think we have?  Similar, or completely different?  Is it the same in Cairo as in the rest of Egypt, or are there possibly multiple problems here?

Write up a couple paragraphs about this in your Portfolio, then link the post here for your Mastery.  (Remember, mastery is optional, but highly recommended!)

Ripper, Visitor!

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