Storage case: laser cut

Storage case: laser cut

laserpyramidTime to use the laser.  Are you excited?  I am!


Continuing on the Creating the Solution quadrant of the Design Cycle, it's time to use the laser cutter.  A couple pre-checks:

  1. Are all your cut lines set to 0.0 width?
  2. Are all your cut lines pure red?
  3. Are all your etch lines/type/designs pure black?
  4. Do you know the thickness of the material you want to use?  Measure it with digital calipers to be precise.

Have Mr. Marzouk or Number One show you the use of the Laser Cutter.  One very key piece of information is for safety. There are three devices that must be turned on in order to cut:

  1. air compressor  (this blows air right where the laser is cutting, to help avoid setting the material on fire)
  2. vacuum extractor (this pulls the toxic fumes out of the laser cutter)
  3. laser cutter itself

Once all three of these are turned on, you may start cutting.  When you have a full set of parts for your case, this job is ready for completion.

Cracker, Visitor!  Now that you've got your pieces, it's time to glue them together (or fasten in other ways, if you have hinges and so on).

Once again, you'll need to have Number One or Mr. Marzouk show this process.  When your storage case is fully assembled, you're ready to claim mastery.

Mabrook, Visitor.

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