Not business as usual (D)

Not business as usual (D)

notbusinessasusualThere's quite a bit here to cover.  The key to this is that sustainable development is not business the way it's been run for the past few centuries.  This is a deep topic, so I'd like you to get started right away, Visitor.

Ok, there are three main approaches to this.  You really need to understand all 3 to get a good handle on Sustainable Development.  But I'd recommend breaking your reading into 3 phases, so you can grapple with each of the main concept groups separately.  Break up the reading sessions by at least a couple hours, I'd say.

But enough of me rambling about study strategies when I should be giving you the goods.  Here's the link to the report you need to read.  It's pretty thorough.  The three main concept groups are:

  1. Triple-bottom-line
  2. Decoupling
  3. Laws, reporting and stewardship.

When you've read through that and feel you understanding it pretty well, take the next step.

Here's where it gets deep.  For Mastery, I want you to write a short (no more than 2 paragraph) entry on your Portfolio that explains how triple-bottom-line sustainability, decoupling, and laws-reporting-stewardship interact and complement one another to support world-wide sustainability into the future.

einstein-quoteOne of our greatest thinkers said it best, so I'll let his words speak for themselves:



When you have that post written, you're done.  Click on through.

All right, Visitor.  That's about 25% ready for the inspection.  Good progress.

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