Sydney Rehearsal Follies

Sydney Rehearsal Follies

Well hello there!    I apologize, sometimes I drift into all the wonderful classic designs here in the museum and I'm afraid I don't notice folks as quickly as I should.  I hope you haven't been waiting too long for me.

Welcome!  I have a proposal you might be interested in, especially if you like architecture, or classic designs.

ARCHmedium launched an architecture competition called Sydney Rehearsal Follies, focused on the public space near the iconic (and classic) Sydney Opera House.  It's open to anyone, worldwide, including students.

If this is intriguing to you, I'd encourage you to design your own building(s) in response to the challenge.  In case the contest website ever goes down, here are the essential files:

  1. Contest Details
  2. Pictures of the grounds
  3. CAD file (dwg)

Do read the details on the site (or in the file) but here are the highlights:

  • Address the question of how a building dedicated to music can relate to public spaces
  • Participants should submit designs of a new integrated pavilion dedicated to music that complements the famous Opera
  • Submissions are on a single A1 sheet of paper (digitally).  A1 is 59.4cm x 84.1cm and my be portrait or landscape
  • You may represent your ideas however you'd like; your goal is to give the clearest understanding of your proposal that you can

Got it?  If you have any questions, just ask me or Number One.  When you're done and have a presentation file, upload it here.  (Max 10Mb)

Well, that's tidy!  Now, to finish up this job, you have one more task.  As you might have guessed, since I run the Design Museum, I am terribly interested in--actually, I love--classic designs.  The Sydney Opera is a classic design.

Your last requirement is to write a short report (no more than 1 page) explaining how the Sydney Opera meets the requirements for a classic design and how your design complements, extends, or otherwise integrates with that.  Talk about how your design will become a classic.  Which of the several characteristics of a classic design will your design embody?  Then load that report into a post on your portfolio.

Spit spot, Visitor.  I've got to close up now, but you keep up the good work.

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